Mythscapes Corporate ID

Mythscapes is the expert-led Archaeological and Cultural Tours. In order to create its logo identity, we used an owl, which was the symbol of Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and culture. In the eye of the owl, we put another symbol of Antiquity, positive and clockwise, which symbolizes the optimism and the continuity of life. We chose orange and green colors, which were used in murals by the Ancient Greeks.

After the design of the Company’s logo, we proceeded to the design of the Company’s Corporate ID. We aimed to design an identity as simple and unadorned as possible. The large white surfaces, which we did not afraid to leave, provide a comforting and calming feeling. The use of the owl, looking in a crafty manner below the “wall” of the two bold colors at the end of the synthesis, helps the closure in a nice way.

We chose a font that has no intense corners and point to ancient Greek letters.

You can read about the design of Mythscapes website, in our Portfolio – Design.

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