Mediterranean Memory Cards now available in English

They say that “an elephant never forgets”. They also claim that fishes have a very short memory. Where do you stand?

Train your memory skills while diving into the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the famous monuments, the culture and the unique landscapes, taste the Mediterranean dishes and get close to the people who live there.

Mediterranean Memory Cards aims, not only to train your memory skills but also enrich your knowledge regarding the 21 countries that are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. At anytime you can pay a visit to the Library and learn about all the significant images that unfold the beauty and uniqueness of the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Memory Cards provides five categories of knowledge: Flags, Food and Drink, Landscapes, Plants and Animals, Monuments with 15 memory cards in each one of them. The category “Monuments” is included for free; if you enjoy the game and want to have more, you can purchase the rest of the categories in a single purchase (Flags, Food and Drink, Landscapes, Plants and Animals) via inApp purchase.

Enjoy your game and get infatuated by the Mediterranean beauty and culture!

Now available in English!

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