Animal World Day

On 23rd we celebrated the World Turtle Day, which was institutionalized 13 years ago! The turtles live from the Era of the Dinosaurs. Nevertheless, in our days they are endangered species, especially the sea turtles. From the 7 species of the Sea Turtles, only 3 live in the Mediterranean region and only 1 of the, the well-known Caretta-Caretta gives birth in our country, in the beaches of Zante, Crete and the Peloponnese.

In Greece, the organization, which works for the protection of the Sea Turtle is Archelon, which is situated in the south part of Attica (Glyfada) and offers a series of very interesting and useful activities for children and adults. In a similar framework acts Medasset, Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles.

The environmental awareness is a key-issue for the improvement of the whole situation. And, from where else to start in changing habits and behavior, than the children? Below you can find a presentation, part of the digital educational material Captain SOS, his Company and the Moving Island, which gives answers to the important question: “Why should we protect the animals”
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