Albatross Issue 2: Call for Papers

albatross: an eye on workplace learning

Special issue: Good practices in the working environment

DigiMagix invites you to submit articles in the journal albatross: an eye on workplace learning (Vol.2, Num.1). The second issue of the Journal aims at selecting stories of good practices of e-learning and other alternatives forms of education in the workplace.

  • The articles should be either in the Greek or in the English language and should have a synopsis of max. 300 words and 4 key-words.
  • In order to be coherent to the thematic of the special issue, the articles should describe a specific educational practice or paradigm in the workplace.
  • You can submit your articles directly through the Journal homepage or via email in

For more information you can visit the Journal homepage or contact us directly at 0030-2108940420.

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