DigiMagix developed the application ASEP-trainer in 2008, in order to meet the educational needs of the applicants in the 1st Test of Competences for public servants, which was proclaimed for the first -and last- time in 2008 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The application hosted a specially designed educational material, which gathered more than 2.000 sets of question-answer-comments from all related thematic fields (for example Geography, Maths, Literature, Language, History etc.). In addition, each thematic field has its Synopsis, Reference list, as well as Multimedia material, which enabled the trainees to learn easily, while having fun. It is worth mentioning that the application was visited by more than 200 trainees, most of whom were living in rural areas of Greece not easily accessible (islands, mountain villages etc.).


  • The questions were categorized in thematic fields.
  • The questions escalated by three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and high)
  • Possibility for the trainee to mark each question as “Known” and to select to see only the questions she or he hasn’t studied yet
  • Two ways of accessing the content: a. Learning (the extra material -notes, multimedia material etc.- is shown) and b. Self-assessment (simulation of the actual test)
  • Customization of the tests: In the “Self-assessment environment” the trainee can select which thematic fields she or he wants to include in the test, the number of questions and whether the test should include questions marked as “known”
  • History of test results in graphic form and in numbers

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