Captain SOS, his crew and the moving island

Captain SOS, his friends and the moving island” is an e-learning course on the Mediterranean environment and the environmental problems of the region. It is addressed to students from 10-12 years old. The course begins with an introduction to the Mediterranean (characteristics, sea life, underwater world, etc.). It continues with a trip to all Mediterranean countries and concludes with a discussion regarding the main environmental problems of the Mediterranean and the endangered animals.

The author of the material is Dr. Gelly Manousou, teacher with extensive experience in creating teaching materials. DigiMagix has developed and produced the material and distributes it through learn-e-pedia e-learning platform. Responsible for the music of the project is the composer Nikos Tsekos.

The material contains narrative parts, in which the story unfolds, and interactive activities with which children are learning in a fun and stylish well-structured environment. Finally, the material is also filled with open activities that motivate children to write, draw, propose but mainly act in order to be part of the solution to the environmental problems of the Mediterranean!

Currently, “Captain SOS, his friends and the moving island” is available in Greek; soon, it will be available in English and French.

Check out the introduction of the course in our YouTube channel!