If you have already visited the Social Responsibility webpage of our Company, you’d be informed about our volunteer actions as well as our efforts to maintain a “green color” to the open space areas of the building, where we work. Do you want to check out our gardening project? Come along! We hope that through this article, we’d give you ideas to brighten your own working space.

We have chosen to plant Mediterranean plants, which do not need much watering. We have categorized our plans in the following way:

First category: we take care of them, they feed us!

IMG_1404We introduce you to our tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and green peppers! We are looking forward to prepare our first Greek fresh salad with products from our garden! Take a look at our beautiful orange tree, which is still young to provide us with oranges but offers us a magnificent scent! Here’s our small garden strawberry.

Second category: they give taste to our meals!

IMG_1408Chili peppers, dill, oregano, laurel, rosemary, parsley, lemon thyme and plenty of basil, are headed directly from the  από τη flower pot to the kitchen pot!

Third category: winter is getting closer!

IMG_1406Sage, dictamnus and menthol will accompany us and gives us a clear mind during winter.

Fourth category: plants as symbols

IMG_1407We introduce you to our special plants, which act as symbols of luck and prosperity: our olive oil tree and our pomegranate!

When we moved to this appartment, we asked from our friends to bring us a plant, instead of any other gift. That’s why, besides the above mentioned categories, we talk about the plant of Mina and Marinos, the plant of Dimitris, the tree of Themis, the basil of Haris.

These are our plants. We grow with them. Give it a try to brighten your working place. It is good for the environment, it is good for your soul!

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