European Parks Day

In May 24th we celebrate the European Parks Day! The specific date was chosen because in May 24th 1909, 9 national parks opened in Sweden. The celebration exists since 1999 in many European cities and aims to inform and enrich the awareness of the citizens and their contact with the urban habitat of their neighborhood.

The capital of Greece, Athens, unfortunately has less open spaces than any other European Country. According to the European Environment Organization, every citizen should correspond to at least 10 s.m. of free “green” space while Athens offers only 2,5 s.m.

DigiMagix celebrates this day by publishing photos of four National Parks from all over the world: in Europe, the United States and South Africa. Flip the cards and travel all over the world! The presentation was created by using the “flipcard object”, by the e-learning object gallery developed by DigiMagix.

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