MOOC: the new trend

The new trend in e-learning, which has gained the attention and the interest of the online community, are the MOOC, that is the Massive Open Online Courses! The rational is as simple as impressive. The most well known Universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Brown, Prinston etc. offer specific e-courses from their Curriculum without any cost, through e-learning platforms.

The most visited e-learning platform is Coursera. Through Coursera, the subscriber is getting informed regarding the e-courses available and selects the ones of his/her interest. Some of the courses lead to an specific Certification while the platform also gives the opportunity for professional.

A very interesting and instructive article, which presents the role of the MOOC as well as the questioning regarding the democratization of education and the possible dangers, is the following from Romanos Sclavenitis Pistofidis, which is published in BookPress. It provides us food for thought.