NEOSET: e-learning platform

Neoset incorporated e-learning as part of its educational procedure in 2009, aiming at the continuous training of its employees and partners.
Neoset e-learning program is being realized through an easy-to-use platform, which hosts, besides the series of the e-courses, a very vivid forum, questionnaires, contests, everyday tips, etc. The e-learning platform is based on Moodle.

Presupposition of support: the creative communication and the constant cooperation between the two companies leads to quality results for the trainees and the whole educational procedure.

An element that makes the Neoset e-learning platform popular among the trainers and trainees is the continuous update of its content and graphics. The platform is not just a repository of e-courses; the platform is vivid, since it hosts very interesting activities, such as:

  • design contests
  • additional graphic interventions (for example, Christmas theme, symbols etc.)
  • portfolios of photos and designs
  • questionnaires
  • decoration tips
  • list with useful websites relevant to the subjects of the Curriculum

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