Digimagix Products

We invest in development and aim at innovation in every step we take. In this unit you can learn about our novelty products, in order to find the solutions that cover the needs of the projects you undertake.

In a nutshell: Virtual tutor consists of three interconnected tools that cooperate in order to offer a high quality synchronous learning experience. Those tools are:

  • Web conferencing tool
  • Booking of the video conference meeting according to the tutors’ availability and the students’ preference
  • Accounting system

In a nutshell: VDR is our Virtual Dressing Room! Visit the VDR page and try it right away!

VDR addresses to companies in the Clothing Industry that wishes to provide their clients with the specific benefit, through their website or their e-shop.

In a nutshell: An interactive business card based on augmented reality technology.

Σε ποιους απευθύνεται: AR Cards is an innovation, which addresses to companies and freelancers who wish to transform their traditional business card into an innovative way to advertise, promote and communicate with their prospective customers.

Category: web applications

In a nutshell: A high complexity system that is designed to conduct Certification Exams.

The Certification System addresses to Companies that wish to provide certification services to individuals in the field of education and vocational training.