We have often been called to answer questions such as: How should we define innovation in e-learning? What should be our focus? Which priority should come first: educational methodology or applied technology?

For us, innovation is to design a solution for our clients that meets their own individual or corporate needs and suits their specific requirements, while still respecting any particular technical or logistical restrictions that may bind them. Our focus is on the quality of results; a quality which characterizes all elements that make up a technology-enhanced distance learning educational program. Our priority is to incorporate advanced technology into e-learning services, to develop, implement, design and evaluate distance learning systems for educational material and course design. We aim to create an inter-related e-learning system, which can cooperate and be compatible with other systems, leading to an effective and successful result.

So, are you a consultant that is looking for a reliable partner, specialized in the development of high-quality e-learning content? Are you a company or an organization that wishes to create e-learning courses? Then, it’s time for you to meet your new partner!

  • Selection of the e-learning platform according to the customer’s profile and needs
  • Installation of the e-learning platform
  • Design of the platform’s interface according to the customer’s identity
  • Customization of the e-learning platform according to the educational needs of the target audience and the requirements of the educational program
  • Embodiment of tools for synchronous communication and cooperation. For more information, please refer to the next tab “Synchronous learning”
  • Hosting services
  • Technical services
  • Training: delivery of the user manual for the administrator, the teacher and the student
The realization of synchronous e-learning demands additional technical solutions and specifications, as well as the training of all parties involved in the related tools and different ways of teaching. DigiMagix has selected WizIQ  (Virtual Class Room) for conducting synchronous e-learning programs. The WizIQ Virtual Classroom Software conducts highly effective and engaging live, online classes by enabling the online collaboration between the learning community using audio & video communication tools.

  • Design of e-learning programs
  • Design and development of e-learning material
  • Creation of interactive exercises for self-evaluation and evaluation
  • Quality assurance and quality control of the e-courses and the total learning experience

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  • Training of the trainers in the pedagogical use of the e-learning platform
  • Total support during the realization of each e-learning program, in order to cover all the educational, technical and graphic design needs that may occur