Mobile Applications


We design and develop a variety of mobile applications, which correspond to the following categories:

  • utilities
  • educational games
  • entertainment
  • informational, etc.
One of the constant challenges in educational policy is the difficulty to follow the technological progress and the newly emerged tools that can be transformed into educational tools. These challenges  often lead to a form of education that is out of sync with modern tools and technology and also alienated from the everyday life and habits of the students.

The use of mobile devices increases day by day, not only for calling and texting, but also for social networking and the use of various mobile applications. Therefore, it would be an omission not to take advantage of these valuable tools to enrich educational practices. Digimagix explores all the possible ways to convert mobile devices to educational tools and uses them creatively in e-learning programs.

Digimagix creates autonomous, short-term courses for mobile devices, with the aim to provide users with direct accessibility options in important information. Digimagix also creates complementary, short-term courses for mobile devices, with the aim to enrich our e-learning programs.